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From telephone systems to broadband connections and network infrastructures, we cover it all - now including Cloud hosted solutions too!

Telephone Systems & Communication

Select Telecom provide a number of automated, all-in-one telephone systems which can be installed 'plug & play' or customised to build a completely bespoke solution, tailored to the needs and individual requirements of your businesses.

Our offerings begin with a choice of two renowned Alcatel-Lucent communications systems: PCX Office and PCX Enterprise.

Each is part of the feature rich Alcatel-Lucent ecosystem and built on an IP communication server delivering a superb range of comprehensive and customisable services and options. Learn more about each product below or compare features in our feature comparison table.

OmniPCX Office by Alcatel-Lucent

OmniPCX Enterprise by Alcatel-Lucent

OmniPCX Comparison Compare Office and Enterprise

OmniPCX Office by Alcatel-Lucent

OmniPCX Office is designed to help you to easily communicate and manage all of your internal and external voice & data traffic.

The OmniPCX Office system can be configured for as little as 2 users and evolve as your business grows (to a maximum of 200).

It is ideal for small businesses and businesses with remote sites or workers. Additional features can be added at any time allowing you to build a completely bespoke system, designed to best suit your business's needs and individual requirements.

Select Telecom can take the frustration out of your communication

We install only the very best hardware and telecommunication systems so that you are assured of quality, reliability, ease of use and scalability, ensuring value for money. Put simply, our telephone systems help you communicate in a more efficient manner; saving you time, lowering expense and frustration.

Whether in the office our out and about in the field, our telecommunication systems provide seamless connectivity with PCX Office. Customers and colleagues are contactable through a diverse range mediums via our 'One Number' offer; simplifying all communication, be it via mobile, VOiP, SIP, email or voicemail.

  • OmniPCX Office Compact Hardware OmniPCX RCE (Compact)
  • OmniPCX Office Small Hardware OmniPCX RCE (Small)
  • OmniPCX Office Medium Hardware OmniPCX RCE (Medium)
  • OmniPCX Office Large Hardware OmniPCX RCE (Large)

Experience True Hybrid Connectivity

All OmniPCX products come with the following array of connectivity options:

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • VoIP
  • SIP
  • LAN & WAN
  • Mobile Connections

Download Datasheet

For further information download the OmniPCX Office Datasheet.

The OmniPCX Office RCE is delivered with Office Communication Suites which includes software and a required first set of licences. All suites support a comprehensive set of business communication features, available for each user, including voice mail, an automated attendant, name directory (allowing dial-by-name functionality) and caller ID notification.

All systems come ready for call accounting and hospitality services too.

» To learn how Select Telecom can make OmniPCX systems work for you, contact us and arrange a free consultation to discuss the products further and explore how we can build a customised solution for your business.

For more information and technical specifications, please visit the OmniPCX Office and OmniPCX Enterprise pages on the Alcatel-Lucent website.

OmniPCX Enterprise by Alcatel-Lucent

OmniPCX Enterprise is built to provide medium, large and corporate level businesses with world-class business telephony services.

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (ECS) has been designed for large businesses and corporate organisations, capable of managing communications from a minimum 10 up to a genuinely infinite amount of users (no upper limit). OmniPCX Enterprise is a truly world-class and leading telephony system, ideal for those with local or networked remote sites looking to embrace a system designed for the larger workforce.

Enterprise Communication Server includes many more features and applications over those available in OmniPCX Office based systems offering a choice of centralized or decentralized IP telephony solutions to suit your needs.

  • OmniPXC Enterprise Small Hardware OmniPCX ECS (Small)
  • OmniPXC Enterprise Medium Hardware OmniPCX ECS (Medium)
  • OmniPXC Enterprise Large Hardware OmniPCX ECS (Large)

Experience True Hybrid Connectivity

All OmniPCX products come with the following array of connectivity options:

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • VoIP
  • SIP
  • LAN & WAN
  • Mobile Connections

Download Datasheet

For technical information and product details, download the OmniPCX Enterprise Datasheet.

Experience true customisation and seamless connectivity

With a range of sophisticated and exclusive applications, available only on Enterprise PCX systems, we can build a completely bespoke solution tailored to your requirements.

With OmniPCX Enterprise, various voice hubs can be installed at numerous locations, all controlled centrally from a single location to seamlessly connect your offices and premises together, as if they were one.

There is a host of applications readily available and exclusive to the OmniPCX Enterprise system, such as Voice Recognition, Video Conferencing, and PCS Disaster Recovery (via Passive Call Server) allowing true customisation of the system to fulfil the needs and requirements of your operation.

» To learn how Select Telecom can make OmniPCX systems work for you, contact us and arrange a free consultation to discuss the products further and explore how we can build a customised solution for your business.

For more information and technical specifications, please visit the OmniPCX Office and OmniPCX Enterprise pages on the Alcatel-Lucent website.

OmniPCX Feature Comparison Compare Office and Enterprise

Compare OmniPCX Office and Enterprise Solutions

Whilst both Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX products may appear very similar on first glance, there are clear and substantial differences between the two ranges of hardware. We have put together the table (below) to help give a comparable overview of the features available.

We recommend that you speak to one of our specialists if you have any questions or would simply like to find out more about either system or how we can customise the products for you.

OmniPCX Product Feature Comparison

PCX Office
PCX Enterprise
Complete, all-in-one solution Office Enterprise
Conversion services on application-enabled hardware (desk phones, PCs and smartphones) Office Enterprise
User-centric communications experience across devices and locations Office Enterprise
Business communications services, including attendant, routing and messaging services Office Enterprise
Simplified and unified management Office Enterprise
'Plug & Play' and zero touch deployment Office Enterprise
IP telefony infrastructure flexibility and software scalability Office Enterprise
SIP at the core Office Enterprise
Voice-centric customer service Office Enterprise
Customer service multimedia integration Office Enterprise
VMware virtualization and 100% software deployment option Office Enterprise
Centralised or decentralised IP telefony infrastructure Office Enterprise
Open SIP and video at the core Office Enterprise
Open API using web services and REST technology Office Enterprise

» To learn how Select Telecom can make OmniPCX systems work for you, contact us and arrange a free consultation to discuss the products further and explore how we can build a customised solution for your business.

For more information and technical specifications, please visit the OmniPCX Office and OmniPCX Enterprise pages on the Alcatel-Lucent website.

Installing Alcatel-Lucent PCX Systems

Our in-house installation team are ready and waiting to receive your requirements and can design & implement the following internal and external network topologies for use with OmniPCX products and OpenTouch systems:

  • Telecommunications cabling (CW1308)
  • Structured Voice & Data cabling (CAT5 & CAT6)
  • Fibre Backbone cabling (single & multi-modes)

In addition to the design and installation of your cabled infrastructure, we can implement all Rich Communication Server, OXE Server Alcatel-Lucent products and compatible system applications.

Installation can take from as little as 2-3 hours, depending on the complexity of your requirements, and we can work around you to minimise any disruption to your day-to-day business. Not only that, our specialists are experts and able to train your staff so that they are confident in using the products and systems we provide.

» Talk to one of our consultants today to find out more about our installation services and training.

OmniPCX Office and Enterprise FAQ's

Why only install Alctel-Lucent systems?

The Alcatel-Lucent PCX systems offered by Select Telecom are truly market leading systems, manufactured and sold on a worldwide scale. They are the telecom system for all businesses serious about streamlining their internal and external communications.

Alcatel-Lucent have been in the industry since 1986 (with the merging of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies in 2006). They are known for their constant pushing of industry boundaries, consistently striving to improve our communication with forward thinking research and development.

PCX office systems are capable of evolving and expanding with your business. You will never outgrow the system as it can expand and grow with you and is flexible to fit in with your changing requirements.

How can you ensure value for money?

The original PCX telecoms system came onto the market in 2003 and has been constantly improved, updated and evolved with new software and hardware releases. This proactive approach is employed in order to provide customer reassurance, to ensure longevity in your system and provide value for money.

We firmly believe that a telecoms system installed by Select Telecom will last you many years. Some of our oldest clients’ have systems which we installed approaching ten years ago that show no sign of giving up.

The need to purchase a completely new system is minimal, meaning value for money is assured.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery for New Goods

Delivery from inception – all goods are available within 3 working days direct from manufacturer.

Delivery for Replacement Goods

We hold a wide selection of replacement hardware in stock. Should any item not be available via stock-levels, they will be available on a next-working-day basis, subject to ordering before our cut-off time of 4pm (subject to availability).

How long do systems take to fit or install?

We can have you up and running on one of our PCX systems within anything from a few hours, depending on the complexity of the system required, to a number of days.

Installation is painless and can be completed within or outside of your working hours to suit.

What about pricing (how much will it cost)?

The PCX systems provided and installed by Select Telecom can be built completely bespoke to suit your needs, requirements and budget.

As always, we recommend tailoring the product to each individual customer's needs (to maximise value for money). Although costs vary depending on systems and components required, they begin from just £500 +VAT.

Are there any ongoing fees or maintenance charges?

New System Installations

Our installation costs include your first 12 months maintenance and support cover, free of charge.

Our maintenance & support package covers your system for:

  • Software updates, patches & fixes
  • Tech-Support for software, system and user queries
  • Free Replacement Cover for core hardware components including base units, handsets, and headsets*

Ongoing maintenance for older systems

In order to prolong the lifespan of your system, subsequent support and maintenance is required and important for the up-keep of your telecoms system.

This is delivered in the form of an SLA (Standard Lead Agreement) and charged annually, at between 8% & 10% of the retail sale price (in line with the WPL (World Price List)).

Our basic SLA support package is as per Off-Tel Regulations (link). This means we adhere to the basic principles and priorities as set out by the regulatory body Off-Tel, providing priority to specific call types (ie; hardware and line breakdowns, customer requests for support, etc).

* Core hardware component free replacement cover is based on normal wear and tear. Terms and conditions apply.

How are the systems future proof?

Software Updates

When updates, patches and fixes are released by the manufacturer (often to resolve minor software issues), you are guaranteed to receive the updates within the first 3 years of purchase, and free of charge beyond that (providing your SLA (Standard Lead Agreement) is valid and in place).

Hardware Upgrades

As with all technologies, major hardware and software evolution occurs periodically (approximately once every 3 years) for Alcatel-Lucent PCX systems. These major upgrades and releases can incorporate new technologies, software features and capabilities to improve communications further still, boosting system efficiency overall.

As new hardware and software products are released Select Telecom will endeavour to keep you informed and make any necessary recommendations to help improve, upgrade or maintain your system and extend its capabilities. Such upgrades are offered to existing SLA customers at discounted rates.

How are requests for support handled?

Tech Support Handling

All calls incoming to Select Telecom are registered via our in-house CRM system. This means we are able to manage your requests able to respond with maximum efficiency;

  • Spending more time helping you
  • Fixing any problems that may arise quicker and faster than ever before

...and you spend less time navigating the automated telephone systems our competitors still use, had you signed up with them!

Efficient, Organised, Responsive: we are proactive in our system maintenance in order to cure faults before they develop.

Fault Escalation

In the event we are unable to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues with your system, Select Telecom can escalate your fault direct to the manufacturer.

Escalated faults receive responses on a 5-day working cycle. It is important to note that faults are only ever escalated under rare circumstances, should we not be able to resolve or fix your query in-house. It is even more important for us to take this opportunity to point out that within the last 12 months out of approximately 2,500 calls for help & support, only 12 requests were escalated to the manufacturer. That is less than a 0.5% of all requests received within a year.

Dynamic Support Logs

Our advanced CRM system also allows us to browse your support request history to help provide a proactive approach to system fault tolerance and predictive approach to fault prevention.

All this combined with email notification of all faults; call recording of all conversations helps us to ensure that we are able to deal with your requests super-efficiently, providing you with a quick resolution. First time, every time.

Are systems Windows compatible? What about Mac?

All PCX systems are compatible with both the following Windows and Macintosh operating systems:

  • Windows versions: XP, Vista, 7 & 8
  • OS X versions: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion & Mavericks

How can you ensure value for money?

Well, the original PCX telecommunication system from Alcatel-Lucent came onto the market in 2003 and has been constantly worked on, updated and evolved with new software and hardware releases. This is done to provide customer reassurance and to ensure longevity in your system; providing value for money.

We firmly believe a telecoms system installed by Select Telecom will last you many years. Some of our oldest clients’ system’s we have installed are approaching their 10th (?) year of service and show no sign of giving up. So the need to purchase a new system is minimal, meaning value for money is assured.

Networks Cabling & Wi-Fi

Select Telecom provide a wide range of network services for voice and data traffic, cabled or wireless via wholesale and retail carriers, as well as International PTTs.

Our network services range from simple and complex infrastructure installation with seamlessly connectivity between local and remote locations to sophisticated wireless solutions with advanced management options, solid security protocols and strong, reliable signal strength and bandwidth.

Cabling & Infrastructurefor Voice & Data

Network Switchesfor LANs & WANs

Wi-Fi Deploymentfor your Business

Cabling & Infrastructure for Voice & Data

Should your office, place of work or site not have a cabled infrastructure for voice and data communications, Select Telecom can design and install a voice and / or data network, suitable for your business and your budget!

Our in-house installation team are ready and waiting to discuss your infrastructure requirements

To discuss installing, updating or expanding your cabling infrastructure, speak to one of our network specialists today.

There are three types of infrastructure cabling available today and we will evaluate your needs and requirements prior to recommending the best solution for you.

BT CW1308 Telecome Connection

Telecom Cabling


This older ‘BT’ style cabling is suitable for smaller telecom networks and aging installation repairs or extensions.

We are co-efficient in implementing, installing, extending and repairing CW1308 infrastructures for clients with this types of cabling in place.

CW1308 infrastructure provides voice communication only.

Network Cabling CAT6 Connection

Data Cabling


Commonly referred to as ‘Cat 5’ or ‘Cat 6’, this form of data cabling is most commonly used type of infrastructure found today; in new or reconditioned buildings.

Completely universal, the cabling format can be used for both voice and data connectivity simultaneously with 10/100 and 10/1000 speeds available (also commonly referred to as megabit (10/100) and gigabit (10/1000) connections).


A new Class F cable standard (‘Cat 7’), is on the horizon and likely to support speeds up to 10x that of Gigabit connections, ie: 10/10,000 Depending on the environment and your individual case we will install the most appropriate type of cabling for your requirements; using Internal, external, shielded & armoured grades of cable where necessary.

Network Cabling Fibre Connection

Fibre Cabling

Single-mode & Multi-mode

Fibre cabling is the latest in data and voice connectivity and can be used to connect internal & external LAN switches, providing a lightning fast voice and data backbone for your business.

Single-mode allows a single data stream to travel over long distances with minimum attenutation and at faster speeds over longer distances when compared to multi-mode.Single-mode fibre cabling is ideal for conencting sites and LANs via fibre.

Multi-mode allows for multiple streams of data to pass through the same cable core, increasing bandwidth over single-mode fibre cabling. Multiple streams however increase the risk of attenuation in the cable. For this reason, multi-mode fibre optics are best suited to shorter distances (comparable to RJ45 patch leads and internal LAN infrastructures).

Already have an infrastructure in place?

Select Telecom can also upgrade and evolve your existing cable infrastructure to best suit your current requirements or provide additional extensions, ports and generic upgrades to future-proof your business.

Contact us today to discuss upgrading or expanding your current cabling with one of our consultants.

Network Switches for LANs & WANs

'OmniSwitch' Network Switches by Alcatel-Lucent have been designed to provide cost-effective management and scalability for your networking infrastructure (regardless of topology) and the perfect platform for PCX Telecommunication Systems.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch family of products cater for a wide variety of use-cases. From enterprise models designed for SMEs with single and multiple branch environments to metro models, ideal for service providers (supplying mass access to customers).

Innovative design allows for OmniSwitch hardware to be produced in form factors down to just half-rack wide. Furthermore, most models are stackable allowing multiple switches to be combined in numerous configurations, providing true scalability. OmniSwitch products are also energy efficient helping you to build an eco-friendly network.

Available features and funtionality

The 'OmniSwitch' family of network switches cater for all manner of networking needs and can provide the following functionality:

  • Small to medium and metro sized networks
  • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, 10GigE and fiber ports
  • Support for IP phones, WLAN access points and video cameras
  • QoS and access control lists, including DoS engine
  • Web management and command line interfaces
  • Alcatel-Lucent Operating System (AOS) and configuration roll-back
  • AC or DC power supplies, PoE and hot-swappable options
  • Stackable, fixed-configuration chassis in a 1U form factor

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Network Switches are avaiable with support from 24 to 384 Gigabit ports and up to 16x 10GigE ports offering flexibility investment protection in knowing that your network hardware can scale and grow, with your business.

Being manufacturered by Alcatel-Lucent, OmniSwitch products also benefit from the build quality and reliability Alcatel-Lucent is renowned for.

Models for any scenario

Built for serving a wide variety of business scenarios, Select Telecom can build a bespoke network to fit your requirements:

Network Switch Installation

Select Telecom can implement a suitable network switch to increase the efficiency and productivity of your network infrastructure and enable additional functionality for management of your network. We can also help you expand your current infrastructure with the implementation of a new network switch too.

New OmniSwitch products can be installed and configured within a single day (subject to your requirements) and providing your cabled infrastructure is already sound and in place, possibly even within a matter of hours.

» Why not discuss your network requirements further and find out how Select Telecom can help you expand or improve your network? Our friendly team is on-hand and available. You can talk to one of our network consultants today with absolutely no obligation.

Wi-Fi Deployment for your Business

Select Telecom can install and implement a Wi-Fi solution to your working environment allowing wireless voice and data applications to work together without the need for cables. Combined with sophisticated management, security policies and protocols we can tailor the hardware components supplied to create a truly customised wireless solution for your business.

Strong, reliable and secure Wi-Fi deployment with advanced capabilities

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess WLAN infrastructure is ideal for when mass wireless availability is important or strict management and usage protocols are required for the maintainance and security of your WLAN (Wireless LAN), such as in hotel environments and similar scenarios.

OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switches & Controllers

OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switches from Alcatel-Lucent allow us to design and provide a completely scalable solution for your wireless environment backed by the strongest set of integrated security features in the industry.

Yet another reason why Select Telecom opts to supply Alcatel-Lucent products over any other manufacturer.

Our philosophy means that we design a solution around your users primarily, rather than trying to insert them into a predefined solution later. Our installed switches and controllers manage all aspects of network security, client access (also supporting identity-based access), connection bandwidth permissions, mobile Voice over IP and monitoring services.

Wi-Fi for any scenario Internal, external or both

The Alcatel-Lucent range of OmniAccess hardware allows us to deploy a Wi-Fi solution that is approperiately sized to meet your requirements in virtually any scenario;

  • On Campus
  • Office Blocks
  • Hotels, Schools & Collages
  • Single or multiple branch environments

Built to fit Configurable and scalable

WLAN controllers & switches can be further tailored, via configuration and installation of additional modules to increase functionality further in order to serve your business requirements;

  • OmniAccess 4306G
  • OmniAccess 4505 Series
  • OmniAccess 4600 & 4700 Series'
WLAN Switch WLAN Switch 4306g model WLAN Switch 4306gw model

As standard, every OmniAccess WLAN Switch comes with Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess base software providing comprehensive control of your entire wireless environment; secure authentication and sophisticatd encryption to protect against unauthorised access points, remote management tools, traffic management tools, quality of service (QoS), location tracking and application continuity services - across your entire wireless LAN.

For more information visit the Wireless LAN Switches page on the Alcatel-Lucent website.

OmniAccess Wireless Access Points

We provide broad range of Alcaltel-Lucent OmniAccess™ Access Points (APs) to broadcast a wireless signal via single or dual-band Wi-Fi frequencies around your working environment.

Access Points can be deployed in various locations such as walls, ceilings, cubicles or desktops. They are small, lightweight and aesthetically subtle. Utilising dual 'omni-directional' antenna's our APs can also help to extend your existing wireless range where it is low or weakened by thick structural walls or electrical interference for example.

Alcatel-Lucent Access Points will allow you to maintain a strong and resiliant signal strength over varying distances, even in the most challenging of environments.

Single-band Access Points Models available in 2.4GHz or 5GHz

Single-band AP products provide a single frequency for wireless connectivity and are best suited to low level deployment scenarios such as, small offices or work spaces with a limited number of connecting clients.

Single-band Wireless Access Point

Single-band Products:
  • AP90 Series
  • AP92
  • AP93

Dual-band Access Points 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Dual-band AP products, such was the Alcatel-Lucent AP105, provide dual frequency wireless signals for improved capacity and performance.

Dual-band Wireless Access PointDual-band products are best ideal for high level deployment in busy environments such as hospitals, hotels, schools and larger offices.

Dual-band Products:
  • AP100 Series
  • AP130 Series
  • RAP108 and RAP109

For more information visit the Wireless Access Points page on the Alcatel-Lucent website.

Wi-Fi Installation

Select Telecom can design and implement a bespoke wireless solution for your business, catering for your requirements and tailoring for all factors of security and management. We have experience in implementation across a diverse range of environments and have worked to accommodate the most challenging of scenarios.

Furthermore, depending on the complexity of your requirements, we could have your Wi-Fi deployed and in place within a single working day.

» To discuss Wi-Fi Deployment for your business or discover the benefits of a bespoke Select Telecom wireless solution, contact us and speak to one of our network specialists with no obligation today.

Data Networks and Communication FAQ's

Cabling & Infrastructure

Why do I need a cabled infrastructure?

An installed cabled infrastructure will allow fast and reliable data transfer around your building or business.

Furthermore, with one of our Telephone Systems in place, both voice and data applications can be used together simultaneously. The majority of new technology is IP-based today, and so the need for a cabled infrastructure is paramount in any business.

Why can’t I just use my WI-FI signal?

WiFi may be used to connect specific hardware to the Internet generally speaking, but does not provide the reliability or constant bandwidth required for business grade telephone systems (aside from a small number of voice apps which we have available).

In the case of those voice applications, a wireless controller would be required in order to integrate your WiFi with our telephone systems.

How much will this cost?

All needs and requirements for businesses are totally bespoke. For this reason we will conduct a free site survey in order to assess your requirements and a price will be given on completion.

How long will installation take?

As per the previous question, needs and requirements for all businesses are different, and can be different from one site to another. An estimated project length or timescale for installation can be provided upon completion of our free site survey.

Will installation cause any disruption to my business?

Normally, if upgrading using your existing cabled infrastructure, only a short period of down time will be required. For new implementations and greater works, out of hours installation is available and allows us to keep any disruption to your business to an absolute minimum.

Select Telecom are sensitive to the needs of all our clients’ businesses and so always do our upmost to avoid downtime or disruption where possible.

Will I need to purchase a bunch of new hardware on top?

Not necessarily. Some existing hardware can be integrated into our proposed systems and this would be confirmed upon completion of our free site survey which we carry out free of charge.

Would the infrastructure require any maintenance or upkeep?

No, cabled infrastructures do not require any maintenance unless it develops a fault or there is a break in any inner cores of cabling, though as cables tend to be fished through cavity walls, or encased in protective trunking, such faults are seldom in need of repair.

Network Switches for LANS & WANs

Why do I need a network switch?

A network switch is required where there is a need to connect multiple computers and/or telephone systems at a single site or location.

Can’t my network function without one?

In short, no. There is a need for a central point of connection (ie; the switch) if you want to share devices or communication information which other devices and systems in the building.

What will a switch enable me to do, that I couldn’t do before?

Aside from interconnecting computers, WiFi products, Printers, Telephone handsets and systems in a managed way (over one network), additional functionality can be enabled via controller products and routers to configure how the connected devices speak to each other and how data traffic in and out of the network is controlled, via protocols.

How much do these things cost?

Data switches are priced depending on their functionality but primarily on the number and type of ports required.

The smallest network switches begin at 4 ports and range up to the largest models, housing 48 ports. Many models are stackable allowing easy expansion too.

How long will it last, is it future-proof?

All Alcatel-Lucent Data Switches housing 12 ports and above, come with a lifetime guarantee for fair wear and tear (excludes electrical/physical damage). Generally speaking the data switches we install have lasted for years upon years due to their build quality and reliability.

Wi-Fi Deployment

Why can’t I use the wireless router provided by my ISP?

ISP supplied router hardware only provides a single access point and with limited range at that. Additionally they tend to be very low on features and functionality/configuration options which are required for set ups more complex than the standard user.

Why do you only supply Alcatel-Lucent hardware?

Select Telecom is a registered Alcatel-Lucent dealer and predominately sell only their hardware. We chose to partner with Alcatel-Lucent because of their reputation for first-class business-grade products, the build quality and reliability of their products that they have become renowned for.

Will I need additional software on top?

All Wi-Fi systems and deployment projects are completely bespoke. After carrying out a free site survey to assess your needs and requirements, we will make recommendations based on our findings. You will only purchase the hardware and/or software required – and because our service and solutions are tailored to the individual client, you will never pay for anything you do not need.

Will you show me how to manage / maintain my wireless network once configured?

Yes! Management Training on all supplied and installed hardware is given as standard with Select Telecom.

Broadband, Lines & Calls ADSL & Fibre
, Telephone Lines and Low-rate Calls

BroadbandADSL / Fibre / EFM / Leased Lines

Telephone Lines & CallsLandline and Call Packages

Stay connected

Broadband ADSL/Fibre/EFM/Leased Lines

We can provision ADSL, Fibre, EFM and Leased Line broadband connections for your business to provide you with the reliable connection your business depends on and the business features you need.

Get great value, high-speed and reliable business broadband, from Select Telecom

Our range of broadband packages are designed to give your business the reliability and flexibility it needs to function and grow. With ADSL, Fibre and Leased Line connections available, we can provide a broadband solution to suit your budget as well as your business requirements.


ADSL broadband connections are by far the most common accross the UK today and suitable for businesses with low-medium speed requirements.

Whilst ADSL connections are the norm for most types of business, those who have a requirement or need to upload or send large volumes of data or large files on a regular basis would, in the past, have been better off using a SDSL connection. However the rise of fibre broadband connections recently, means that SDSL technology is fast becoming a thing of the past.


Our Fibre broadband connections provide speeds from 5x times faster, on average, than their ADSL counterparts, capping off at ever increasing transfer rates.

With far superior transfer rates available, fibre broadband is ideal for businesses that frequently have to send or upload large attachments/files and download or consume large amounts of data and content from the web.

Fibre broadband connections are subject to a small fee for provisioning which also includes the cost of our Fibre Broadband router and setup / installation kit.

EFM & Leased Lines

A leased line is a permanent, dedicated high performance telecommunications network connection which can carry voice, data and Internet traffic via a copper or fibre optic connection from your office, premises or site.

Leased lines are used by businesses that need high speed reliable Internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provide greater peace of mind over less reliable lines and connections types. They offer dedicated, uncontended bandwidth ensuring that the maximum line speed is always available to you. Select Telecom supply dedicated leased lines from 2Mb up to 100Mb data transfer speeds.

EFM lines are a lower cost version of Leased lines (though, unfortunately not available in all areas), EFM provides a tough and reliable, high speed internet connection but unlike leased lines uses standard copper lines instead of fibre, making them quicker to install and more cost effective.

All broadband connections provided by Select Telecom are subject to a 12 month minimum term, which is very competitive in the UK market where larger consumer providers will often try to tie consumers and businesses down for 18, 24, or in some cases even 36 months!

We believe our customer service is second to none and that goes for our broadband support too!

Did you know... we also do line rental and call packages?

Select Telecom also provision landlines (new or the activating of old) in the form of ISDN (2 and 30), Analogue and SIP.

Our competitive call packages could also save you up to 87% on call charges!*

Give us a call to find out how much Select Telecom could save you on your line rental and calls.

ADSL and Fibre connections are billed monthly and can be billed independently of your line provider (line rental) or on the same bill if you move your landline to Select Telecom. Contact us for our latest and most competitive line rental and call charge rates.

Telephone Lines & Calls Landline and Call Packages

Save up to 33% on your line rental ...and up to 87% on your calls!*

With Select Telecom, you can receive discounted line rental and calls rates when compared to other providers.

In addition to lower cost line rental and calls charges, Select Telecom also provide dedicated account management where you can speak to a human, not a robot or automated system, in the event of a query or fault. You have direct access to request an engineer should a fault occur or you have questions you'd like answered, via a single contact number.

Our in-house billing means that your bills can be bespoke to yoru requirements (itemisation, - our customers often comment on how clear and simple our bills are and that they are easy to understand.

Why wouldn’t you move your lines to Select Telecom?

Our competitive pricing makes us a great choice over any competitor.

Not only can select telecom install and implement your new telephone line and calls package we also fully manage your service in all areas; maintenance, faults, billing and customer service. No outsourcing, whatsoever.

Our rates are competitive to other corporate rates provided by so called 'big name' companies, but we also retain ‘small business’ quality in our level of service. By this, we mean that we always know your name. You will always know ours. You will always speak to a human (not an automated assistant or robot, and you will always be assured of that one-on-one interaction with our friendly english-speaking staff.

Why use Select Telecom over BT, TalkTalk, etc?

If the reasons mentioned above weren't enough for you then perhaps our bespoke pricing will be. Our bespoke pricing allows us to customise all of our call rates to suit your specific needs and most called destinations.

For example, if you make a lot of calls to mobiles? We’ll discount those for you. Call over-seas frequently? We can ensure your calls abroad are as low as possible.

On average our customers save 25% when they switch to Select Telecom, and up to 33% on line rental*

Analogue Lines

Traditional analogue lines are based on BT copper cabling (CW1308 standard) and are now considered to be 'old-fashioned' in the business sector, most commonly found in residential dwellings and old commercial buildings.

Analogue lines have a limited feature set and are best deployed where only a single line is required for simple voice services (eg: a stand alone telephone), ADSL broadband servicsz, PDQ services or alarm system notification services.

We can provision new analogue lines on your behalf or reactivate old or disconnected lines too.

» If you're interested in an analogue line for your business contact us and speak with one of our advisors.

ISDN 2e & ISDN 30e

The most popular choice of line for business communication today is an Integrated Services Digital Network line, or 'ISDN' for short. ISDN lines are digital and their connections require fixing to a PBX Telephone System (such as OmniPCX telephone systems from Alcatel-Lucent) and provide many benefits over traditional analogue lines.

Digital ISDN lines offer far superior reliability in comparison to analogue lines and a very robust, making them ideal candidates for the business environment.

ISDN lines from Select Telecom are competitive and cost effective

» To find out just how competitive our ISDN connections are contact us and speak to one of our advisors.

The feature set of digital IDSN lines is much more comprehensive than older traditional lines. Key features include; caller ID, call forwarding and support for multiple extensions. ISDNs are business-grade telecoms lines, geared for use in the professional work place. ISDN technology allows multiple lines to co-exist on a single telephone number (something not possible with traditional analogue lines) and provide extensions for individual user targeting, call routing and currently come in two flavors:


Installed in pairs, with 2 lines per connection.

Additional connections (pairs of lines) can be installed and added at any time to increase your total number of lines in increments of 2 (4, 6, 8, etc).

This type of ISDN is best suited for small to medium size business with a requirement of up to 8 lines.

IDSN 30e

Provides all the benefits and functionality of ISDN 2e, but on a much larger scale.

Connections of ISDN 30e are best suited to organisations who’s requirements exceed the ISDN 2e recommended maximum (of 8 lines). In instances such as this, ISDN 30e lines are more cost effective when running 8 lines or more.

Both types of ISDN connection are perfect if you are looking to:

  • Upgrade or expand upon the limited functionality of your existing analogue line(s)
  • Increase your options and the effectiveness of your call routing
  • Boost productivity via efficient and streamlined communication

All ISDN connections can be easily extended by either adding more connections (in the case of ISDN 2e; with each additional connection providing two extra lines) or b) simply increasing the number of lines (as in the case of ISDN 30e connections).

» To discuss your requirements and learn how upgrading your telephone lines to digital ISDN connections could benefit your business, speak to one of our consultants.


Session Information Protocol or ‘SIP’ connections for short, are also commonly known as 'VoIP' (Voice over Internet Protocol) connections, and allow the transfer of voice data over your broadband connection.

SIP connections allow you to communicate with staff, colleagues, friends, clients and customers without the need for an additional standard analogue or ISDN telephone line - utilising your existing Internet connection instead.

If you are using a standard analogue line for your broadband connection, SIP can provide up to 8 channels on that single analogue line, configurable in the following ways;

  • As 8 individual ‘lines’ with 8 individual phone numbers
  • As a single ‘line’ with a single phone number, and up to 8 extension numbers

SIP connections are heavily reliant upon a strong and resilient broadband connection. For this reason Select Telecom strongly recommend a free inspection and testing of your Internet connection prior to ordering.

Extra or additional SIP channels can be added at any time and be ready and available for use within just 2 working hours.

To determine whether a SIP connection would be right for you, Select Telecom analyse broadband availability and current connections in your area, looking at factors such as speed, bandwidth, stability and reliability. The implementation of SIP or VoIP is often deferred for critical business use until a Fibre Broadband connection is in place in order to guarantee quality of service.

» Speak to our broadband and line specialist today to find out if SIP connections could be a viable option for your business communication.

Our line rental and call packages come with a standard 12 month minimum term contract, with further discounts offered on 18 and 24 month deals if you're able to commit for a longer duration.

Ask us about even more savings that can be made with our 'Free Minutes' call bundles!

Mobile Communication Stay connected

Select Telecom can provide mobile devices and tariffs for business. Our business deals include pooled minutes, sms and data allowances that can be shared between users and multiple handsets on your account.

Select Telecom's mobile services provide entirely independent access to major mobile network operators. Add to this our ability to put all of your telephony on a single, easy to understand bill and you’ve got a pretty streamlined solution to your business communications. Our exceptional customer service means that we can provision, supply, invoice and support all of your telecommunications & digital needs.

We will also recommend the most appropriate tariff and equipment for your business usage and offer a no obligation audit to check you’re on the very best tariff available by evaluating your usage habits and spend.

We can supply the latest smartphones from all of the big manuacturers like Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia. So iOS or Android, we have your mobile communication needs covered.

Find out our latest mobile deals for business or discuss your mobile requirements with our advisors to see how Select Telecom can help you.

Broadband, Lines & Calls FAQ's


How long does it take to install or setup broadband connections?

  • ADSL connections can be installed and available for use within 3 weeks on existing lines
  • Our Fibre Broadband connections can be provisioned and ready for use within 4 weeks on existing lines

New lines for broadband connections are likely to take a little longer to provision before being ready for use.

What if I have a problem with my connection?

If you encounter a problem with your Internet connection you can contact us directly for help and support on our single support number that will be answered by one of our human supoort team members.

There will be no need to navigate automated call systems or wait in long call queues.

How are your broadband and fibre broadband services charged or billed?

As with all ISPs and providers, our broadband services are billed in addition to your analogue, ISDN or SIP line rental and we can bill you monthly or quarterly depending on your personal preference.

Are there any minimum terms or contracts?

Yes. As with all ISPs and providers, our broadband services are subject to a minimum term of 12 months service.

Our 12 month minimum term is highly competetive in a market where many ISPs wil try to tie you down for 18 and 24 months. If you are able to commit for a longer period though we may be able to offer you an additional discount for your greater commitment.

Lines & Calls

How long will it take to switch my lines and calls to Select Telecom?

We can have you up and running with Select Telecom within 10 workding days. Switching your line rental and calls to Select couldn’t be simpler!

How long does take to install or setup Analogue, ISDN and SIP connections?

Analogue Lines:

  • New Connections - can be set up and activated within 3 weeks
  • Existing Connections – are transferred-in to Select Telecom within just 10 working days with no loss of service
  • Old Connections – can be reactivated and available for use within just 24 working hours

ISDN Lines:

New connections can generally be installed and ready for use within 3 weeks of ordering subject to a site survery, which we carry out free of charge.

SIP Lines:

New SIP connections can be ready and available within 4 weeks subject to a survey of your local exchange and assuming your location can provide a sufficiently reliable and speedy internet connection.

How are ISDN and SIP connections charged or billed?

As with traditional analogue lines, both ISDN and SIP connections are charged on a ‘Line Rental’ basis and billed monthly or quarterly to your personal preference.

Are there any minimum terms or contracts?

Like all telecoms providers we have a minimum term length of 12 months on all new connections and lines that are transferred to Select Telecom.

This is very competitive when compared to other provides that will often try and tie you down for 18, 24 or even 36 months.vAdditionally, if you don't mind committing for longer periods of time, we offer additional discounts on 18 and 24 month deals.

Mobile Communications

What sort of contract lengths do you offer for Mobile contracts?

We can provide various mobile contract durations to suit you and your business. From 12 months to a maximum of 36 months (or 3 years).

How quickly can you have me up and running on a new mobile deal / contract?

Upon application, a credit check is required. Assuming you are out of contract with your previous provider (or are happy to receive new mobile numbers to eradicate any reliance on a previous provider) and the credit checks have been carried out without any issues you can be up and running within 1 week.

In the event we have to settle a contract lease or transfer/sever any dealings or issues with your old provider this could delay the set up time.

Can I transfer across my existing mobile number? (Are there any delays in setup for doing this?)

Yes – we can transfer over your existing mobile number(s). This takes approximately 10 days to transfer in from your previous provider and provision on our network and systems

Can I use my own/existing handset, ie: purchase a sim-only contract deal?

Yes – we do allow the use of existing handsets but it does usually work out more economical for you to receive a new handset with your Select Telecom mobile contract (increasing your value for money).

If I want to cancel/get out of my contract what is the procedure or what would I need to pay?

In the event you wish to cancel your contract we would require settlement in full for the remaining duration of your contract. This is standard practice in the mobile industry.

Can I add additional handsets to my mobile contract if needed?

Yes – you may add additional handsets to your contract at any time.

Can I add extra minutes/data/sms allowance to my contract mid-contract or is my tariff fixed for the duration?

Yes – we can modify and upgrade your existing tariff mid-contract, by adding additional allowance to suit your requirements.

How often can I upgrade my handset(s)?

Depending on the length of your contract, we usually allow upgrades from around mid-term. Speak to one of our team to find out about upgrading mid-cycle on your individual business contract.

Do you provide any handsets free with contracts, and if so what is the minimum spend per month required in order to qualify for a free handset?

As all of our contracts and tariffs are build bespoke to our customers we can bundle handsets into your deal if required. Contact us to discuss your mobile communications and to find out what we could do for you.

Do you provide mobile insurance for my handsets?

Yes – insurance for mobile handsets can be provided and can cover loss, stolen, accidental damage and water damage. Get in touch with one of our team to discuss your insurance requirements and receive a free quotation.

Do longer contracts tend to be more cost effective for me?

Our rates are very competitive. However, whether a longer or shorter duration contract would be more cost effective for you depends heavily on your use habits and the type of usage consumed most. Call us and talk to one of our advisors to find out the best deal we can provide for your business.

Customer Service & Billing

Select Telecom prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and our reputation for doing so is testament to the efforts of our support team

Customer Service you'll love to use.

Our support team are here to help, whether during the initial stages of any installation or transfer our team are always on-hand to support you and deal with any issues or queries, however trivial.

We aim to answer your queries as quickly as is possible and prefer to deal with our customers on a personal (one-to-one) basis rather than passing you around from department to department. This is why we always ask for a direct member of staff to be your primary contact and from our end, we will always provide you with a single contact number for your dedicated account manager.

Why our Customer Service is #1:

  • Single contact number
  • Answered within 30 seconds
  • Without any queuing or waiting on hold
  • Automated forwarding to your account manager
  • For fast and responsive support

All calls are routed by our bespoke telephone system directly to the member of staff who is best placed to assist you. In the vast majority of cases the person who answers your call will be the person you need to speak with - and who will be able to resolve your query and answer your questions.

Bills: Clear, simple and customised to your liking.

We all hate bills and complicated documents cluttered with far too much information. That’s why at Select Telecom we tailor our invoices to customer requirements.

Unlike many other telephone and broadband providers, we like to keep our bills as clear as possible; simple and easy to understand. Want to see summary on the first page? Check. Prefer to have the full itemisation printed, you got it.

All of our billing is done in-house, and our bill-customisation allows you to see as much or as little detail on your bills as you wish.

Save up to 87% on Calls!*

Cost effective business telecoms needn't mean reduced quality or service.

We work only with Tier One carriers to deliver the very highest level of service, and provide excellent standards of account management and a personal style of customer care. You could save up to 15% on line rental, and up to 87% on call charges by switching to Select Telecom*.

We treat all clients courteously and respond promptly to all requests.

We welcome feedback and not only listen but also give series consideration to any client suggestions. Where feasible, we try to incorporate your suggestions into our systems and services to help us improve - on an ongoing basis.

If ever an error is made we will acknowledge it and apologise promptly, before doing all we can to rectify the situation to your pleasing. Furthermore, we also seek to introduce additional procedures to help prevent repeat instances moving forward.

If you have any questions about our billing, customer service or any of our internal procedures please contact us. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of working with you.

Bespoke Solutions Custom-designed solutions to suit your needs

We offer completely bespoke packages, tailored and designed to meet the needs and requirements of your individual business.

This simple process allows us to build you a bespoke package of individual features & complex components that is not only best for your busiess, but squeezes the most functionality out of your budget too!

We can help analyse your requirements and identify the best bespoke business solution for you and your telecommunication needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants or to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.

*Savings quoted are based on real-world existing customer savings as examples and are made against the rates those customers paid to their respective suppliers at the time of switching to Select Telecom. Savings quoted are not guaranteed. Actual savings may vary on an individual and case by case basis. Contact us for more information or to discuss how much we could save you when switching to Select Telecom based on your current deal by comparison.