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Experience, professionalism, reliability and efficiency.
Isn't that what you look for when you select a communications company? Welcome to Select Telecom.

About Find out about our present and our past

Who We Are

Our Managing Director, Paul HoggSelect Telecom are a small team of skilled personnel involved in offering bespoke telecommunications solutions to the SMB market place. Working with a number of selected partners we believe we can assist in improving the efficiency and productivity of your organisation through effective communication, streamlining both internal and external communication in the workplace, resulting in a cost effective solution.

What We Do

In short, we're a solutions provider;
Delivering expertise in networking, telephony and mobile communication solutions.

We have an office billing portal so we can offer, order and manage numerous network connections at extremely competitive rates, and our in-house resources allow us to supply, maintain and install simple & complex voice, data and IT infrastructure solutions. All of our services come with the the additional benefit of peace of mind, in that you are able to speak directly to our staff via our single contact number should any assistance or support be required.

Where We Came From

Established in 1997, Select Telecom have seen year on year growth, forming a partnership as an Alcatel-Lucent approved and authorised dealer, providing the latest in telecoms hardware and advanced installation and configuration services.

Evolving over the years and embracing new technologies we have formed a strong portfolio of products and clientele and are ready to serve you.

Now a Tier 1 Network Supplier, we are in a strong position to provide, service and invoice our customers direct from design and implementation, down to broadband services, lines and calls.

Our Vision

Voice and Data communications were once two separate entities. We now see these types of comms converging as one, in the modern workplace with the mergence of new IT and communication technology. This can make both your working experience and working environment a more efficient and productive place to be with the right system in place.

From our experience, customers and colleagues want to be contactable immediately, regardless of time or location. By offering world-class office, home and mobile solutions thats can be customised to best suit your businersses' individual needs and requirements, this 'holy grail' can be achieved.

Our Commitment

Select Telecom understands that our prioritise lie with you, our customer. By building relationships based on trust and honesty, we have formed a proven track record of excellent customer service and retention.

By offering a unique blend of expert advice & support and the latest communication technologies, we believe we have a firm foundation form which to form a strong business relationship with you.